Sunday, July 12, 2020

It Will All Work Out (Post-It Note Mural) 2020

The "It Will All Work Out" video serves three main purposes. One is I wanted to respond to the current moment our society is going through. To try to express through art how I am feeling about the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the current administration. Another purpose is I want to make sure that the limitations of accessing society due to the Covid-19 pandemic does not stop my attempt to make art and continue my pursuits in education as a graduate student at San Diego State University in the School of Art and Design. Presenting work in a format designed for the internet has always been important to me, and now is even more so. The third main purpose is to continue the investigation of how to use video through the lens of an artist.

Thanks for watching I look forward to hearing and reading your reactions to this work.

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